WipeDrive SystemSaver

The world’s only disk eraser that will save your Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 operating system and programs like Microsoft Office while still cleaning your hard drive of unnecessary and harmful files. You get all of the benefits of WipeDrive, plus you retain your operating system.


SystemSaver allows you to securely and permanently delete all the personal data on your computer while leaving your operating system and programs intact.

SystemSaver automatically finds and deletes your personal data, including data hidden by your internet browser and other programs using wiping technology that is approved and used exclusively by the U.S. Department of Defense. Your data will be impossible to recover.


  • Erases all personal data stored in your internet browsers.
  • Erases cached documents from your office productivity software
  • Erases records of documents opened and viewed
  • Permanently destroys your personal data.
  • Doesn’t erase your operating system or the programs themselves.

Is your data really gone?

Did you know when you delete your files, the data isn’t really gone? Even if you empty your recycle bin, the files can still be easily recovered with freely-available tools. SystemSaver ensures your data is securely and permanently erased making any recovery impossible. Check out the chart below to see your data is really gone.

Deleted file
Emptied recycle bin
Cleared internet history and search terms
Formatted hard drive
Repartitioned hard drive
Erased with WipeDrive products

How can I use SystemSaver?

  • SystemSaver is perfect for any situation in which you need to delete your personal data while keeping your operating system and programs installed and intact.
  • Need to sell or donate your computer? SystemSaver will help you increase your resale value by securely erasing your personal data while leaving your operating system and programs installed and working. Your computer will be more likely to sell and for a higher price with the added value of the existing software.
  • Is your computer running slow? SystemSaver will clean your files and get rid of file bloat including temporary and cached files, allowing your computer to operate faster and more efficiently.
  • Want to re-use your computer for another purpose or person? SystemSaver is the perfect tool to erase any personal data while avoiding the hassle of re-installing your operating system and programs.
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