SecureUSB KP

Physical Security for Digital Data with the SecureUSB KP.


Protect digital files and prevent data leaks with the portable SecureUSB® KP. The device is hardware-encrypted and is FIPS-validated. It is unlocked when a user enters the PIN via the onboard keypad. The keypad itself is wear-resistant to prevent unauthorized persons from seeing commonly used numbers.
In addition to physical security, this flash drive has brute-force, anti-hacking technology. This feature erases the data on the device after 10 consecutive, failed PIN entries. The device itself is IP57 dust- and water-resistant, and is OS-independent to be used across any device with a USB port


USB flash drive with extra security features:


  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validated: Certificate #3522
  • Award Winning: Red Dot 2019 Award Winner
  • IP57 Certified: dust- and water-resistant (up to 1 meter)
  • Works with any device with a USB port
  • Hardware encryption: XTS-AES 256-bit
  • Interior parts covered in epoxy to prevent media removal from hackers
  • Alphanumeric keypad for user authentication (7 – 15-digit PIN)
  • Admin/user modes
  • Read Only mode
  • Inactivity auto-lock
  • Preloaded with DriveSecurity® ESET Antivirus (1-year license included)
  • Built-in battery for convenient pre-plug PIN entry

Products Features

The SecureUSB® KP will work with any OS. There are no drivers or software to update; all encryption and authentication is performed directly on the drive.
The revolutionary IP57 rated design includes a rugged extruded aluminum sleeve that is dust and water resistant. The crush resistant body, protects from physical damage.
Special coating covers the keys on the SecureUSB® KP keypad to mask key usage and prevent potential attackers from guessing the most commonly used keys.
Setting up an Admin PIN will allow the Admin to regain access to the data on the drive if the User is no longer available, and set policies such as Read-Only and Inactivity Autolock.
To protect against unauthorized access when the drive is connected to a host computer and unattended, the drive can be set to automatically lock after a pre-set amount of time of inactivity between 1 and 60 minutes.
Entering an incorrect password ten consecutive times triggers the brute force hacking detection which will crypto-erase the passwords, all User data, and drive formatting.




Capacity 8 GB – 64 GB
Size With sleeve – H: 78 mm W: 20 mm L: 10 mm

Without sleeve – H: 65 mm W: 20 mm L: 10 mm

Weight With sleeve: 22 grams

Without sleeve: 14 grams

Data transfer speed Reads up to 152 MB per second; writes up to 118 MB per second
Keypad Wear-resistant keypad
Security Module Validation FIPS 140-2 Level-3 Validated
Authentication method User authentication via onboard keypad
Interface USB 3.0/3.1 gen1/3.2 gen1
Data Protection Real-time military grade XTS-AES 256-bit full-disk hardware encryption
Waterproof IP57 Certified (up to 1 meter)
Tamper-evident Protected with epoxy compound to prevent physical access to the device through tampering
Brute-force defense Erases all data after 10 consecutive, incorrect PIN entry attempts
Immune to Bad USB Yes; firmware updates not allowed
Roles/Permissions 1 Admin / 1 user
Read Only Mode Yes
Inactivity Auto-lock Predefined times between 1 and 60 minutes
OS Compatibility Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, Chrome, Thin Clients, VMWare, Citrix Embedded Systems (no software or drivers needed)
Regulatory Approvals FCC, CE
Warranty 3-year limited


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