Harddisk Shredder



When it comes to the fast, safe, easy hard drive shredding, nothing outperforms the Jackhammer™ Hard Drive Shredder from SEM.
Designed with Operator Safety, Ease-of-Use and Mobility in mind, the SEM Model 0302-1.0 Jackhammer Hard Drive Shredder from SEM will shred up to 2,000 drives per hour at an end particle size of just 1.0″ wide.  It is also ideal for shredding optical media and other small electronic devices such as cell phones, blackberries, Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), memory sticks, PDAs, and similar electronic data storage devices.
This slow speed, high torque hard drive shredder uses specially designed saw tooth hook cutters to chew up to 25 hard drives in a minute and features the following:
  • Take-away Conveyor with vulcanized rollers
  • Take-away Conveyor cover for added protection
  • Non metallic collection bin
  • Modified in-feed chute dimensions for operator safety
  • Safety curtain flaps
  • Easy access clean out panels
  • Sturdy lockable casters
  • Exterior powder coated paint
  • Integrated Hour Meter
  • 2 year warranty
  • OPTIONAL ~ HEPA Air Filtration System
  • OPTIONAL ~ Fork Pockets

Performance Note: System is limited to a maximum voltage drop of 3% while under load. If more is recognized, additional at-site ancillary electrical equipment at customer expense may be required. Output is dependent upon size and thickness of drives and proper power. System limited to Hard Drives up to 1.65” thick.

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