It is the only high security hard disk shredder of its kind. With minimum noise MAXXeGUARD easily destroys hard disks (hard drives) up to the highest security levels as well as other digital data carriers like SSD’s, USB’s, CD’s, PDA’s, DLT’s etc . With the MAXXeGUARD you can vary the cut length from 70 – 1 mm. This allows you to choose the correct cut length for each product type and in accordance with the security classification of the stored data  ( classified / non-classified ).


The MAXXeGUARD was specifically designed to respond to the 3 principle criteria of destruction, being:

  • Capable to meet the highest security standards.
  • For use in any office environment to avoid the risk of transporting your sensitive data outside the premises.
  • Provide real traceability of destruction: the MAXXeGUARD Shredder can be equipped to provide a (machine generated) report of destruction.


Plan Ahead: which shredder will fulfill your future security standard?

In recent years there has been an increase in Data Protection Regulations. A trend which will undoubtedly continue. This, combined with increased data density, presents each organization with the challenge on how to properly dispose of digital data carriers. Where before, the disposal method could simply be calculated on a cost per disk basis, one should now take into consideration the cost of potential data breaches as well as the (financial) consequences of reputation damage (which could total millions of Euros). The question therefore becomes now which shredder will fulfill future needs and will protect my organization against potential penalties and reputation damage rather than making the investment choice focusing on a simple (waste based) ROI calculation.

Not all shredders are the same…!

The MAXXeGUARD shredder will allow your organization to anticipate on changing standards and regulations. And to adjust your security standards as regulations change. The unique ability to adjust the cut length between 70 and 1 mm allows for the destruction of both non-classified as well as classified data. Due to its unique knife design, a triple action of compressing, deforming and cutting is performed.

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