PDS-75 Hard Drive Crusher

The PDS-75 Crusher is made to quickly and securely destroy hard drives. Specifically designed for emergency situations where electric power may not be available and quick destruction is a must, the PDS-75’s affordability and versatility makes it perfect for both the government and commercial market. With additional options available, it can be customized to any location and application. Using a degausser is the best way to ensure all data on hard drives and storage tapes is completely unrecoverable. The PDS-75 is a great accompaniment to a Proton degausser!


Product Description

The PDS-75 is an NSA listed crusher that is designed to destroy hard drives in 8 seconds or less (dependent on operator). The manual PDS-75 is not only manually driven, but it is also simple to use. Just insert the hard drive into the safety slot. Then use the handle to crush the hard drive. During this process the hard drive is bent approximately 90 degrees, which breaks the platters and damages the heads, motor and circuit board. After the process has finished, the hard drive will be ejected into the front debris drawer. The PDS series exudes versatility with low maintenance and easy operation.

NOTE: To comply with recognized standards, including NSA/DoD regulations, a degausser must be used prior to destroying hard drives. In a typical national security operation, a destroyer is used in conjunction with a NSA approved degausser. Using a degausser is the only way to guarantee all data on hard drives and other magnetic media is completely unrecoverable. This is because it is possible to recover data from a mere piece of a hard drive that has not been degaussed. See Proton’s full line of degaussers to save on a degausser and destroyer bundle.


  • Compact and rugged design is portable and easily deployable.
  • Less than 8 second cycle time provides fast, safe and reliable hard drive destruction.
  • Specifically designed for emergency situations where power may not be available and quick destruction is required.
  • Provides a “green” energy saving solution for hard drive destruction.
  • Hard drives are bent approximately 90 degrees which bends/ breaks the platters and damages the heads, motor and circuit board.
  • Maintenance free and completely self-contained. There are no messy fluids or external components to deal with and no adjustments or calibration necessary.

Customization Options

  • Laptop: Allows the destroyer to process 2.5″ Form Factor Laptop Drives. Swapping supports takes approximately 10 seconds. Comes with a holder that allows the operator to stow the supports when not in use. The magnetic mounting enables mounting on the back, side, or front of the destroyer, whichever suites the operator.
  • Rear Output Slide: Hard drives are typically removed from the front of the unit, but this option allows for the ejection of the hard drives out the back of the unit. This enables hard drives to be discharged into a disposal bin or container and requires less operator handling.
  • Rackmountable Slide-out Shelf: For mounting in standard 19″ EIA racks. This option allows the user to conveniently stow the destroyer when not in use and pull it out when needed, saving all too valuable table-top space. This option includes the Mount Kit.
  • Mount Kit: This option allows the user to mount the crusher to various surfaces, including carts, truck floors, racks, etc.
  • Deployment Case: A heavy duty Pelican® Case with wheels with custom insert made specifically for the destroyer.


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