Proton 1100 HDD Degausser Wand

Effectively degausses disk drives, disk packs, drum type memories, floppies and any flat-surface magnetic memory. It has been approved by the NSA to 5,000 Oe. The Proton model 1100 is designed to provide maximum-security level media degaussing for a wide range of magnetic media




•A multi-polar design insures minimum flux levels of

6,000 gauss and full hysteresis of all magnetic states

•A magnetic shield assures safe degaussing wand storage

•No Power Required (Fixed High Energy Magnetic Field)

•On NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List

•Degausses all media up to 5,000 Oe

•Manufactured in the USA



•Economical destruction of confidential, sensitive and classified data is in accordance with recognized standards

•Eliminates inadvertent and unintentional degaussing

•Ultra low cost operation and environmentally friendly

•Assures high standard of operation to commercial and government businesses

•Cost effective solution for a wide range of degaussing requirements



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