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Which Yubikey should I choose?

What is Yubikey used for?

Owning a Yubikey as a key to open (login) your applications or to do secured transactions online is crucial. Your Yubikey saves much of your time, your memory, keeps you from leaking your passwords while making such initial process an easy task.

How do I use Yubikey?

Using a Yubikey is very simple, just tap-n-go for secure authentication, or just plug it into a USB/Lightning port on your computer, then touch the button. A single YubiKey has multiple functions for securing your login to email, online services, apps, computers, and even physical spaces. Use one or more YubiKey features, or use them all. The versatile YubiKey requires no software installation or battery; Of course, before all that, you would need to register your Yubikey with the application or computer, and it’s simple.

How does a Yubikey actually work?

The passcodes are generated from a secret code that is shared between the service you are using (email applications, your ERP software, your computer etc..) and your Yubikey. These passcodes are encrypted and are unique, your applications/computer or online services will verify it (along with your identity) with an online Yubico’s service or employing an offline function to let you in.

Where can I get a Yubikey?

Just call: +852 58010001 for a quick delivery free to your Hong Kong house or office.

Or visit our website:

Which Yubikey should I choose?

We are offering three series:

  1. YUBIKEY 5 series, 5 products:
    1. USB TYPE A:
      1. NFC
      2. Nano
    2. USB TYPE C:
      1. 5C
      2. 5C Nano
    3. Lightning port and USB TYPE C
  2. Security Key series, 2 products:
    2. FIDO2 U2F SECURITY KEY NFC (support Near Field Communication)
  3. YubiHSM2 for securing servers’ cryptographic keys

How to choose my Yubikey?

  • For individual usages, the Security Key NFC is good enough for most of authentication methods, it is also more affordable than the 5 series.
  • The Yubikey 5 Series come with more interface options (USB type A, type C and Lightning ports), they also support most authentication methods and functions (OTPs), you can use them to login your computers (support most OS like Windows, macOS, Linux..). They also act as CCID Smart Card and HID Keyboard. Yubikey 5 series suit for Business/Government agents.
  • YubiHSM2 is for securing servers’ cryptographic keys, so it is for servers’ administrators to consider.


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