Nsa degaussing HDD service in Hong Kong HK

Nsa degaussing HDD service in Hong Kong.

Rapid technological change and the short lifespan of IT assets, has articulated the need to permanently destroy data on retired equipment. The popularity of removable media such as USB drives has grown exponentially resulting in the alarming rise in data leaks through these devices, further heightening the need to properly dispose of electronic data.

Information assets pose a significant risk due to the large volumes of confidential information that is stored on them. Data must be completely destroyed before IT assets are disposed of, recycled, reused or donated. Corporations are obliged by law to ensure the safe disposal of sensitive information or face the penalties of non-compliance.

Failure to erase data could result in:

  • Identity theft
  • Time in prison
  • Federal and/or civil liability
  • Exorbitant fines or lawsuits
  • Irreparable damage to an organization’s reputation
  • Loss in consumer confidence
  • Decline in revenue due to bad will and loss of clients

One of the best solution to terminate unused data on a hard disk is completely remove its magnetism, this will render the hard disks unusable, assure 100% data sanitization. DT Asia are professional in this sector. DT Asia’s comprehensive range of secure data destruction equipment and services are in compliance to US Department of Defense (DoD) and National Security Agency (NSA) standards. Its processes are ISO 9001:2008 certified, giving customers the assurance that their data assets are properly sanitized and disposed of. Our Services are

  • Certified Secure Electronic Data Destruction Equipments
  • Endpoint Leakage Protection Solutions
  • ISO Certified Hard Disk and Magnetic Tape Erasure
  • NSA certified Degaussing Services
  • CD/DVD, Thumb-Drive, SD/Memory Card Destruction Services
  • Certified IT Asset Disposal Services
  • Smart phone, USB, old laptops, computer, server array total data wipe and physical destruction services.

DT provides a high quality degaussing service based on ISO 9001 :2008 Certified – Secure Electronic Data Erasure & Destruction Services. We provide a quality checking process to demagnetizes the disk so that all data stored on the disk is permanently destroyed. Thus making the disk impossible to be recovered by any recovery tools available. Ask for DT AsiaGroup Hong Kong service whenever there is a requirement for hdd  Nsa degaussing.

nsa degaussing

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