GovWare 2018

Dates: 18 – 20 September

Time: 9am to 5pm

Venue: Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre

Booth Number: G22 and J21

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What is GovWare 2018?

GovernmentWare, short for GovWare, is an event held during the Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW). It is Singapore’s most established premier conference, focussing on “Forging a Trusted and Open Cyberspace” in year 2018 for its 27th showing. The latest technology trends, along with organisational implementation and user perspectives are featured, giving practitioners a platform for “practical, focused and unbiased knowledge” to network, discuss and collaborate” on cybersecurity.


DT Asia introduce new solution to you – KnowBe4

Security is only as strong as the weakest link. “Employees are the weakest link in your network security, using weak passwords and falling for phishing and social engineering attacks.” – KnowBe4

Thus, we are here to introduce and bring in this new solution called KnowBe4.

KnowBe4 is the world’s most popular integrated platform, consisting of a security awareness program and simulated phishing platform to help mitigate <b>social engineering</b>. With an easy to use and navigate Graphical User Interface, it follows a three step process of training the users, phishing the users and lastly, seeing the results from the training. Worrying about risks from insider threats in the organization would not be key anymore because employees are trained to be the last line of defence in cyber security.

Campaigns customization of the Security Awareness Training can be implemented according to the organization’s needs. Being on a SaaS model, it can serve organizations ranging from small and medium enterprises to large enterprises with more than 10,000 employees.


Your account has extra Security without the annoyance by using Yubikey

 Yubikey is a piece of hardware which supports one-time passwords, public key encryption and authentication, and the Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) protocol developed by the FIDO Alliance.

Yubikey works as a substitute for two factor authentication for not only computers, but also mobile devices. Online services such as Google, platforms such as Windows, developer tools such as GitHub and many more are supported for secure access.

Yubikey addresses the problems of the difficulty in incorporating security into hardware and the increasingly vulnerable software authentication. It enables flexible authentication for new use case scenarios and experiences. It also ensures that only the real site that the key is bound to can authenticate the key, which eliminates users being susceptible to spoofed sites. In addition, it is crush and water resistant.

How to use Yubikey: Insert the key > Press the gold button > Touch of your finger gives off a small electrical charge which activates the device.


Speaker’s Profile:


Alex Wilson

Director Solutions Engineering, Yubico

Date             : 19 September 2018

Time            : 1600 – 1640 hrs

Track           : Emerging Security Technology

Title              : Future of Authentication

Venue          : MR303 – 304, Level 3

Abstract       : Future of Authentication – provide insight into the future of authentication, the forms of authentication becoming popular through good user experience and the relative strengths and weaknesses of common password replacements. This session will explain what and who is leading the way in removing an essential, but broken, component of our daily lives.


Download Exhibit Floorplan

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