Common IT Security Issues and how to avoid them with a use of a single device

These are some of the common IT security issues that many organization or even personal users face.


  1.  Phishing

Phishing is one of the most common method of cyberattacks. If your business is ever going to be targeted for cybercrimes, it is highly likely that this will be the first, the second, and even the subsequent ones after that.




Phishing attacks are extremely successful, which is why it is most popular among the cybercriminals. Being one of the most widespread and pernicious form of cyberattack, phishing scams in Hong Kong resulted in more than HK$10 million losses just in 2021.


Despite being unassuming, phishing attacks can have devastating results on your company.


Usually, a phishing attack uses a disguised email to achieve its goals. This email dupes the sender to click into a  malicious link or asks for something by pretending to be sent from someone familiar, i.e., a co-worker, a friend or an acquittance. Since the sender is someone familiar, you are likely not to be suspicious of the email and accede to the request – by clicking into the link, download an attachment, or hand over what they asked for without second thoughts.


  1. Brute Force Attacks.

Another form of security vulnerability is brute-force method of password-hacking where hackers enter password combinations repeatedly until they succeed. To prevent cybercriminals from achieving success using the brute-force method, you need to enforce a strong password protocol across all systems and users in your business. Here are some best practices for ensuring password security:


Always use a combination of mix cases, numbers and special characters.

Encourage the use of phrases or sentences, but not common ones.

Avoid reusing passwords for different accounts.

Avoid the sharing of passwords.


  1. The Human Factor

Besides the technological vulnerability, the less technological kind could be your weakest link. Employees play an important role in determining the strength of your organisation’s security defences. More often than not, people at the higher positions, those taking on executive and managerial roles, have lower tendency to become malicious insiders. Rather, the lower-level employees are the ones that can potentially weaken your security considerably. Be cautious of the level of access that employees gain have and monitor it closely.


4. Lack of a Recovery Plan

To be well-prepared in case of cyberattack means to have a thorough plan. This includes the need for digital forensics, security investigations, steps to prevention and how to keep the damage to a minimum should attacks happen. Despite its importance companies are often not ready to deal with such critical situations.

Yubico | YubiKey Strong Two Factor Authentication

There are many threats in the cyber world that can jeopardies the safety of your data. To prevent compromising on data security, adopt YubiKey as the hassle-free solution that allows you keep your information secure. Read on to find out how YubiKey does so.


  1. Stop account takeovers and phishing

Fraudsters and hackers are getting increasingly sophisticated. Account takeovers and breaches saw an incidence of 424% in 2018 though companies invest hundreds of billions of dollars to enhance their cybersecurity measures.


Many organizations have successfully eliminated account takeovers with the YubiKey. Even if a user is deceived into revealing their personal information, the YubiKey isn’t fooled. User credentials are built on strong public-key cryptography and bound to the service, offering account takeover protection by ensuring that only the real site can authenticate with a key.



  1. Make existing security solutions stronger

In face of account takeovers, passwords offer little if any protection. Study led by Google, NYU, and UCSD examining 350,000 real-world hijacking attempts revealed that on-device prompts, secondary emails, SMS codes and phone numbers were not as effective as a security key in preventing targeted attacks.


Using strong public key cryptography, Yubikey strengthens security for 2FA and MFA, allowing passwordless to be a reality with just a physical key as the authentication factor of control.


  1. Offer the best user experience

Additional cumbersome steps are mandatory with the use of SMS codes, one-time passwords, and mobile push authenticators. Moreover, they are not very secure. Waiting for and keying in one-time pin, generate added steps that results in user fatigue, decreased workforce productivity and consequently less inclination to MFA adoption.


With YubiKey, users login with a single touch or tap. It does not require network connectivity and is always available and ready for authentication. It is a strong hardware-based security with an intuitive user experience and a speedy authentication process that is 4 times faster mobile push authenticators like SMS.


Are you looking for a security key that is fuss free, user-friendly and able to let you avoid all the hassles with multiple authenticating steps? Please contact us today.



Stop account takeovers

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